General Policies & Disclosures

As a family owned business representing home owners that also happen to be our friends, and wanting our guests to feel welcome and at home, we'd prefer handshakes and reliance on common decency over written policies and formal agreements. Sadly, others tell us we need to be a bit more formal.


With that in mind, here's a page full of too many words. To further complicate things, these are only our "general policies". The specific policies may vary from one property to the next, based on owner preferences. Refer to the "Rental Agreement" sent out with each quote or rental confirmation for specifics.


Rental Rates

Rates are subject to change without notice.  The most up-to-date and detailed rates are shown on the VRBO listings for each property.  Request a quote or use the ‘book-it-now” option on VRBO for an itemization of charges for your stay.  Once your reservation is confirmed, the agreed rates are locked-in.

Rate Details

Lodging: Lodging rates on the website are shown as range to allow for seasonal variations.  Call, email, or request a quote for specific lodging rates for your dates.

Cleaning Fee:  One-time fee for cleaning regardless of the length of stay.  For reservations over ten days, we may negotiate an additional fee for interim cleanings, restocking linens, and picking up trash.

High Occupancy Fee: Some properties have a standard occupancy level and a maximum occupancy level. In these cases, there will be a “High Occupancy” fee nightly for each guest over the standard occupancy level.

Pet Fees: Pets (generally limited to dogs) are allowed at some rentals. The standard pet fee is $50 for one dog, $75 for two dogs.  We do not allow more than two dogs at any of our properties.

Security Deposit: Most of our properties do not require a security deposit.  For those that do, it is fully refundable within seven days (typically two) if no damages, policy violations, or excessive cleaning are noted.

Taxes: By law, we are required to collect and remit 13% Hotel tax (7% to the county and 6% to the state).  Stays of 28 days or more are exempt from hotel tax.

Fines: We reserve the right to charge fines for violations of our stated policies.  A fine of up to $250 may be assessed for failure to disclose a pet (especially at properties that do not allow pets), smoking inside of rentals, exceeding the stated occupancy levels, or if excessive cleaning is required.

Damages: Guests are responsible for any damages caused to the property by them, other members of their party, guests, or pets. We request that guests advise us of any damages immediately.

Discounts: Due to the high demand for our rentals, we very rarely offer discounts.


Payment Terms

A deposit of at least 50% of total charges is required to confirm a reservation.  Any remaining balance is due thirty (30) days prior to arrival.  Full payment is required if the arrival date is within sixty (60) days.  Most guests pay by credit or debit card. We also accept checks or money orders. Please advise us if you are mailing payment.


Reservation Confirmation

Reservations are not confirmed until payment has been received. Upon receipt of payment, we will send a confirmation notice.


Cancellation and Refunds

Guests requesting cancellations sixty (60) or more days prior to the scheduled arrival date will receive a 100% refund of all sums paid. Guests requesting cancellations thirty (30) days or more days prior to the scheduled arrival date will receive a 50% refund of all sums paid. Guests requesting cancellations less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled arrival date will receive a refund of any cleaning, high occupancy, pet, guest house fees, and security deposits. Refunds of any remaining balance are contingent on whether we rent the property to another party for some or all of the scheduled stay.


Guest request for transfers from one rental property to another, will be treated as cancellations and new rentals.  Such cancellations will be subject to the above listed cancellation and refund policy.  This is necessary because the properties are owned by separate individuals.



Standard check-in is any time after 4pm.  Early check-in may be available upon request at our discretion and depending on business requirements such as cleaning or maintenance schedules.  Most properties have entry doors with touch pad locks.  Others have key-lock boxes or both.  Some also have locked entry grates on the driveway.  Once full payment is received, we will email detailed directions and instructions for your stay, including all relevant key-code or lock combinations.  Upon your arrival, use the provided codes or combinations to unlock any gates and the entry door.  There is no need to contact us upon arrival. Simply let yourself in and make yourself at home.



Standard check-out is any time before 11am. Late check-out may be available upon request at our discretion and depending on business requirements such as cleaning or maintenance schedules. When leaving, we require that you wash all your dishes, turn off all lights, turn any ACs up to 78, or heaters down to 55 (on solar powered homes, all ACs, evaporative coolers, and fans must be turned off). Place all trash in cans. Please do NOT strip the beds (doing so ourselves provides an opportunity to inspect for wear or special laundering considerations). Close and lock all windows, doors, and any entry gates. Please notify us of any damages or maintenance concerns. There is no need to contact us upon departure. Simply let yourself out and travel safely.



Cleaning, including providing fresh linens and bath towels, is provided. Daily maid service is not provided. The cleaning fee covers the cost of thorough cleaning, laundering linens, restocking consumables (soaps, paper goods, trash bags, and more), restocking linens, trash disposal, and more.  Our cleaning service is not meant to include washing dirty dishes. We require that guest wash their own dishes. Loading the dishwasher and starting a wash cycle, or handwashing dishes and leaving them on the drying rack, is fine.


Occupancy Levels

All properties have a stated maximum occupancy level.  Some properties have standard and maximum occupancy levels. On our website, this is usually denoted as “Sleeps (standard#) to (max#)”. In some cases, we may make exceptions on the occupancy level, particularly for young children.  However, such exceptions are at our discretion and that of the owners. In setting and enforcing occupancy levels, we must consider bedding, available space, water consumption, electric consumption (particularly for solar powered properties), trash disposal, linens, and septic system capacity.  Violation of occupancy level limits without prior approval may result in a $250 fine and may result in a non-refundable cancellation.



Pets (generally limited to just dogs) are allowed at some of our rentals. The standard pet fee is $50 for one dog or $75 for two dogs.  We do not allow more than two dogs at any properties. Failure to disclose a pet and pay the fee may result in a fine of $250 and the non-refundable cancellation of your reservation.


No Smoking

Smoking of any sort is not permitted inside rentals. Smoking is allowed outside. Smokers are responsible for managing fire risks and properly disposing of their own cigarette butts or other smoking paraphernalia. Violations may result in a $250 fine and the non-refundable cancellation of your reservation.



Guests are responsible for any damages caused to the property by them, other members of their party, guests, or pets. We request that guests advise us of any damages immediately. This will allow us the opportunity to make arrangements for repairs and will typically keep the costs of repair lower by avoiding after hours repairs or extra trip charges. Guests will be billed for the reasonable and necessary cost of repairs.


Maintenance & Service Issues

If maintenance or service is required, please call Daryl and Janet Eby at 855-224-4236 or 432-371-2861. 

For emergencies, please dial 911.  The local EMS phone number is 432-371-2536.


Road & Driveway Access

Vehicle access cannot be guaranteed. In the event of heavy rain or snow, it is possible that roads ore driveways may be impassable by car or truck. Flash floods across roads and driveways will recede very quickly once the rain stops. Unpaved roads and driveways may be slippery and muddy, or covered in sticky wet clay. In extreme cases, sections of roads or driveways may wash out or become rutted. Even experienced off-road drivers in 4WD vehicles can become stuck or suffer vehicle damages in such conditions. It is best to wait for unpaved roads and driveways to dry out. If the drive appears to be impassable due to water, mud, or any washed out areas, call us for assistance and repair. If you have questions about road conditions, please call us.


Electric Outages

Power outages may occur, especially when storms are in the area.  Due to the vast service area and remote locations, it may take a while for the electric company to locate the problem and restore service. At some properties, electric outages may result in loss of water pressure from electric water pumps. Please call us and/or the electric company to report any power outages. We will do our best to keep you informed on the causes and expected restoration times on outages.



Water source and quality varies from property to property.  Some are on public water systems, some are on wells, some rely on rain water catchment and costly bulk water deliveries when rain catchment is insufficient. The water from some wells or catchment system may be non-potable (non-drinkable). At these properties, we provide amble fresh drinking water for human consumption. Water is a limited and precious resource in the desert, and most of what little rain comes to the area falls in the short summer monsoon season. Please help us by conserving water. Please turn off the water when soaping up, shaving, or brushing your teeth. Please make sure toilets do not continue to run between uses. Please report any water leaks.



Due to concerns from neighbors and potential liability, we must prohibit discharge of any firearms at all properties. 



Hunting is strictly prohibited at all properties, unless otherwise specified. Hunters on guided hunts or with access to property were legal hunting is permitted are welcome at our rentals but must comply with our restrictions while at the rental property. Processing of game animals or disposal of animal products or remains is not allowed at any rental property.


Collecting Artifacts, Rocks, Plants, or Animals

Removing or disturbing any artifacts, rocks, plants, or animals is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise specified.


Off Road Vehicles

The use of cars, trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps is limited to roads and driveways. Off-road recreational vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, or similar vehicles are strictly prohibited on all properties and will result in charges for any damages.  The desert looks rugged; however, the plants, soil, and rock formations are extremely susceptible to damage or destruction.  Vehicle tracks across desert terrain often remain for years. Many old wagon trails are still visible and causing erosion problems even many decades after their last use.


Injurious Plants

The desert is home to lots of plants with thorns or sharp points. Be careful when outside and keep a close eye on kids and pets.


Dangerous Animals

The desert is home to many wildlife species that can be potentially dangerous to humans or pets.  Potentially dangerous wildlife known to exist here include venomous snakes and insects, cone-nosed beetles, mountain lions, Mexican black bears, coyotes, javelina, bobcats, and large birds of prey.  However, few people or pets are ever harmed. After several years of managing multiple vacation rentals in this region, we have not yet had a single guest or pet harmed by any native wildlife, with the exception of a few minor insect stings. Generally, the native critters try to avoid contact with humans.


Venomous Snakes

Many guests have particular fears or concerns regarding venomous snakes. While four species of rattlesnake and one species of copperhead do live in the region, they are rarely seen. In fact, most rural areas or park lands in the southern US have a far higher population of venomous snakes than the Big Bend. Additionally, due to the harsh environment, most of the venomous snakes in the area limit their activity to morning, dusk, and night. Always use a flashlight at night and watch where you put your hands and feet. There is reason to be aware, but no reason for excessive fear or worry. If you see a venomous snake near the house, please call us. We will safely remove and relocate it.



Property owners or managers are not responsible for any loss, theft, damage, injury or illness. By accepting a rental reservation, guests and all those in their party or visiting them are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the property.