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Big Bend Observatory

Cedar Cabin with Celestial Views from a Private Observatory and an Observation Deck

Private Observatory and Cabin


Become our next Visiting Astronomer


Roll Top Observatory w/  6" Lens Scope


Elevated Observation Sky Deck

Open Kitchen, Dining, Living Room


Mountain and Celestial Views  

Newly Built Cedar Cabin


Minutes from Terlingua and BBNP


Sleeps  Four


Full over Full Bunk Beds

BB Observatory.jpg
observatory stars 2.jpg

Private Observatory

Telescope with a 6" Lens

and Observation Sky Deck

Perfect for Astronomers or Anyone that Enjoys the

Dark Night Sky

Become our next Visiting Astronomer and enjoy a stellar vacation!


The Big Bend Observatory is the only vacation rental in the Terlingua area with a private observatory and an elevated SkyDeck. Just north of Terlingua and across from Willow Mountain, Big Bend Observatory offers a newly-built cedar cabin that sleeps up to four. Enjoy exclusive use of our elevated SkyDeck with giant binoculars, and our private observatory with an automated telescope and roll-off roof. No training or prior experience is necessary. The observatory and telescope are designed for easy use with simple instructions.


By day, enjoy scenic mountain vistas and wildlife viewing from the elevated SkyDeck, using our giant binoculars, your own equipment, or your natural vision. By night, be amazed by celestial views using our private observatory, your own telescope, or your unaided eyes. Our dark skies are unparalleled. The Big Bend Region is internationally acclaimed for having the darkest night skies and best astronomical views in the continental US.


Whether you are a professional astronomer, hobbyist with your own telescope, or someone that has never viewed the Milky Way, you will be inspired and astonished by the celestial views from Big Bend Observatory.


The private observatory has a roll-off roof with a fold-down southern wall for unparalleled sky views. The main telescope is a Meade Lightswitch LS-6. A variety of eyepieces allow the user to select an appropriate magnification. The scope is controlled by an internal computer which automatically aligns itself. If you are planning to attach a DSLR camera, you will need to purchase a "T-ring" specific to your camera model. These are typically available from any full-service photography store or website for less than twenty dollars. A 1.25 inch eyepiece adapter is available on-site which will screw into your T-ring and allow prime focus imaging.


The SkyDeck is located between the observatory and the cabin. It has a 7'x7' deck, 11' above ground level. It is equipped with a mounting point for the supplied pair of giant 11X80 Celestron astronomical binoculars. Outdoor AC power outlets are available at the observatory, on the SkyDeck, and outside the cabin itself. A professional tripod is available for steady unguided astrophotography. Guests are encouraged to bring their own telescopes and/or binoculars to take full advantage of the dark sky site.


Located just over two miles north of Terlingua and less than a half mile off Highway 118, Big Bend Observatory has easy access to Terlingua, Big Bend National Park, Terlingua Ghost Town, Big Bend Ranch State Park, the Rio Grande River, a variety of restaurants and bars, adventure outfitters, and all the local tourist venues. Enjoy everything Terlingua and the Big Bend has to offer, plus your own private cabin and observatory.


The vacation rental home at Big Bend Observatory is a newly-built cedar cabin with an open floor plan. A small kitchen and dining area is open to the living room and sleeping area. The living room has a comfortable sofa and a desk with a computer that is available for guest use. The sleeping area has full-size bunk beds. There is a single bathroom with a flushing toilet, sink and vanity, and shower. The cabin is air-conditioned and heated for your comfort. A spacious covered porch provides shaded views to the west.


Once you visit here once, you will be eager to return again and again as a Visiting Astronomer. Big Bend Observatory will be your home away from home in the Big Bend and your own private window on the universe.

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