Property Owner Profiles

When you travel to the Big Bend and stay in a vacation home managed by Big Bend Vacation Rentals, you are not just stuck in a corporate owned hotel or impersonal lodge.  You are staying as a valued and respected guest in a home or guest ranch that is the pride and joy of someone else.  Someone, perhaps, much like you, but lucky enough to own a dream home or ranch in Terlingua, Terlingua Ranch, or Lajitas.


Our property owners have a broad range of backgrounds and interests.  The one thing they all have in common is a love of the Big Bend Region.  It is their honor to share that love of the Bend with you.  They hope you will view their vacation home as your home away from home.  Or, as we commonly say down here, "Mi casa es su casa".

Getaway Owners

Joe, Shannon, Giuseppe and Renée


A human rights attorney, an anthropologist, a creative director and a radio personality got together one weekend for an 8 hour road trip from Austin to Terlingua – their destination ­– the fantasy hideaway called “The Big Bend Getaway.”


After experiencing the breadth and freedom that the Big Bend area exudes, they decided to buy this little gem. Watching the full moon rise over Sombrero Peak that summer evening sealed the deal.


We hope you’ll be taken with the magic of  “The Getaway” as much as we were.


Experience the freedom in feeling small!


Joe, Shannon, Giuseppe and Renée

Retreat Owners

Dee and Wayne


You could never hope to meet two more kind and loving people than Dee and Wayne.  We first met them when they purchased Terlingua Ranch Retreat.  They became our clients and then quickly became dear friends.


Dee fell in love with the Big Bend because it reminds of Botswana Africa, where she spent several years as a younger woman.  Wayne is a bit younger, but Dee keeps them both active.  In 2013, she decided that she wanted to see the views from the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park.  Most folks would assume that hike to the south rim of the Chisos is a bit much for someone over 80.  Those folks have obviously never met Dee.  It took longer than expected, three days and two nights in fact, but with the help of Wayne and some assistance from two other friends, they completed the hike.


They have recently moved from near Waco to Alpine and look forward to spending much more time hiking and sightseeing in the Big Bend Region.


Rancho Owners

Jack and Cheryl


I have been retired for a number of years and wanted a place in the Big Bend since 1971 when I first visited at the age of 18. We purchased the property where our home now sits in 1981 and put up the house in 2007. We spend our time between our main home in Katy, TX, our son’s home in San Marcos and out here. I love it out here in the Texas Outback. So peaceful, so calm.


This home site was selected from hundreds of acres and several other possible home sites to take advantage of the marvelous views, abundant wildlife, beautiful desert plants, easy road access, and privacy.

This house provides a perfect escape from the stresses of modern life, but is close enough to the highway and Terlingua to avoid being cut off from society.



Laughing Horse Owners

Seth and Judy


Seth and Judy love the Big Bend. Seth is originally from Rhode Island and Judy is a native Texan. Seth is a retired from Equimax, USA, Inc., a company he started in 1986 to get jobs and horse people together all across the USA. Judy is an ordained Episcopal Priest. They currently care for three dogs, four horses and a donkey.


They lived at the Laughing Horse property for 15 years until moving to the Ruidoso, New Mexico area when Judy was called to a new church. They chose this area because Judy wanted to get back to living in Texas and Seth wanted to live in the mountains. You won't find a wilder more remote place in Texas. The Big Bend area is truly the ultimate getaway spot.

Judy always said she wanted "land lots of land." On 217 acres, you can ride your horse, hike, and explore the wonders the desert fauna and flora without evening leaving the property.

Huffman Pond Owner

Big Bend Machines, LLC


Huffman Pond Cabin is leased from a highly successful internet entrepreneur that grew up just a couple of miles from the cabin.  He knew the original owner and could tell you lots of stories about life in the Big Bend region and wild adventures on and around Terlingua Ranch.  He now lives in Dallas but returns to the area every chance he gets.


Like many folks from out here west of nowhere, the owner of the property is very protective of his privacy.  However, anyone that meets him face to face will quickly recognize and respect him as a man of character and strong convictions.  He is not directly involved in the operation of the Huffman Pond Cabin as a vacation rental.  However, his personal commitment to excellence is evident throughout the property.



LTM Ranch Owner



The owner of LTM Ranch travels the world as part of his profession.  However, he was drawn to the Big Bend by its vast beauty, not for work.  He bought LTM Ranch as a remote escape, where he could relax, unwind, and enjoy some personal privacy.


While he'd rather not share his name or personal story with the world wide web, he is very proud to share his personal vacation home.  He hopes and expects that you will enjoy your visit to LTM Ranch.


Ringtail Owner

Jozie and David


More information coming soon!






Casa Grande Owner

Bob and Anne


The first time my girlfriend took me to Big Bend and Lajitas I fell in love with her and Texas.  Soon after, we got hitched, started a family and continued to visit our favorite hideaway.  That was three decades ago and to this day every time I visit Lajitas it still takes my breath away.  The sheer beauty, isolation, stars, wildlife, fresh air, Rio Grande, people, haunting silence, hiking, trail riding and eateries are so worth the trip.


For years we looked for just the right property in Lajitas as it has all the creature comforts of home and is nestled in an oasis of beauty surrounded by three gigantic state and national parks totaling 1.8 million acres, Big Bend Ranch State Park, Big Bend National Park and Parque Nacional Canon de Santa Elena. Recently we found a perfect getaway in Lajitas Casa Grande and decided to share it in the hope that others might experience the same enchantment and inspiration we have found.  In all my wanderings, I have never left Lajitas without a sense of wonder, peace and contentment.  If you decide to venture out this way, I sincerely hope you'll find what you're looking for.


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