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Huffman Pond Cabin

Secluded Home on 88 Rugged and Scenic Acres
Secluded Vacation Rental Home on 88 Rugged and Scenic Acres of Terlingua Ranch

Big Bend's Most Remote Vacation Rental


88 Rugged Acres of Bluffs & Arroyos


Open Kitchen, Dining, Living Room


Remodelled Stone and Steel Home


Stone Floors Throughout


Pond (currently dry due to drought)


Large Picture Windows


Sleeps Five


Queen Bed plus Full Bed & Twin Bunk


A remote rental home for rugged guests with a thirst for adventure.  Four miles from the Christmas Mountains trail and the Terlingua Ranch pool.  A million miles from city life.

Huffman Pond Cabin is without a doubt the most remote and secluded vacation rental in the Terlingua area. This is THE place to be if you truly wish to escape the trappings and stresses of “civilization”. This is NOT a typical vacation rental home. It is an off-grid home powered by solar electricity and relies on a “passive cooling” design instead of modern air conditioning.


The remote location may scare off some tourists, but true outdoorsmen and nature lovers that aren’t deterred by a rough road and lack of modern AC will be richly rewarded. Bonuses for the rugged adventurers include unparalleled seclusion, amazing views, diverse wildlife and plant life, stunning night skies, rugged hiking, a spectacular canyon, several bluffs, impressive and varied geologic features, a large private pond (currently dry due to extended drought). Guest will also enjoy access to miles upon miles of rarely traveled desert roads for driving, ATVs, biking, or walking. You will also have free access to the pool at the Terlingua Ranch lodge and the Christmas Mountains hiking trail.


When you’re done exploring and enjoying the natural wonders of the Huffman Pond property and surrounding area, you can retreat into the cabin. The cabin is built with stone and steel and designed for comfort, convenience, and relaxation. The original stone cabin and the flagstone floor for the entire house was built in the 70’s. The current owner expanded the original stone cabin by adding a modern living area and kitchen on what had been the large flagstone patio.


The original stone cabin was converted into a very comfortable and spacious bedroom and bathroom. Because it is all built with thick stone and shaded by the living room addition, it remains surprisingly cool on even the hottest summer days and warm on the coldest winter days. Large windows on the south and east walls of the bedroom provide excellent views of Dynamite Bluff, Little Sombrero Peak, and panoramic desert scenery.


The modern living area was added in 2010 and features an open floor plan living room, dining and kitchen. The most impressive thing about the living area is the amazing views through the many large windows. No need for wall art here. The desert provides ever changing and inspiring beauty. Less noticed, but very important are the awning windows on the northern wall, above the stone wall of the bedroom. During the summer, these windows allow hot air to escape and create a cooling convection current when one or two lower windows are opened on the shaded sides of the house. If you’re addicted to modern AC, this is not the place for you during the summer, but most people attracted to this type of property and the Big Bend will enjoy it year round.


A little history about Huffman Pond Cabin: The original owner, Ben Huffman, started building the stone cabin in 1971. He also built a stone shed just behind the small hill beside the cabin. The stone shed was behind the hill because it was used for storing dynamite. That’s right, dynamite! The rather eccentric Mr. Huffman was determined to create a pond in the valley below the cabin. He tried, and tried, and tried to accomplish this by blowing up and collapsing the bluff at the end of the valley. His hope was that it would form a natural dam. Despite his repeated efforts, the bluff, now named “Dynamite Bluff” did not yield. He ultimately hired a bulldozer to dig out the current pond and create an earthen dam. Ben had quite a reputation in the area and could often be seen riding around the ranch roads or cross country on a small motorcycle with a rifle strapped to the handlebars and dynamite strapped behind the seat. All the dynamite has been safely removed or long since detonated. However, walk out onto “Echo Ridge” that overlooks the valley, the pond and Dynamite Bluff and you may just hear the low rumble of explosions long past. If not, just shout or clap and listen for the response.

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