We have decided to sell our 215 acres of prime Chihuahuan Desert mountain property. We would love to keep it for ourselves, but don’t have the time or funding to build our home there. We are selling it in order to raise funds to purchase a separate property with a home for our family. Otherwise, we would never have been willing to let go of this amazing property.


There are no zoning restrictions. As the buyer, you could use this land as you see fit. If you are interested in placing one or more vacation rentals on the property we would be uniquely qualified to help. Dark Canyon Ranch would be perfect as a destination location for eco-friendly vacation rentals with a focus on eco-tourism. Of course, all decisions on how to use the property would be absolutely up to you.


Notable Features on the Property:


Approximately 1/2 mile of highway frontage on Highway 118. Nine miles north of Terlingua


Dark Canyon Creek, a major drainage and wet-weather creek, runs through the property for approximately 1/2 mile with a high potential for establishing seasonal or possibly permanent tinajas (desert water holes).


Dark Canyon, a breathtaking, steep-walled canyon carved out of the rock by Dark Canyon Creek extends for approximately 1/4 mile and is entirely contained on the property.


“Dark Canyon Cave”, a shallow rock cave overlooking Dark Canyon is on the property. While the cave is small, it is well protected and has evidence of use as a shelter and home for ancient, indigenous peoples.


“Zack’s Ridge” (unofficially named for our youngest son), a ridgeline of cliffs and rocky outcrops approximately 1/4 mile long with an elevation range from 3350’ to 3778’, is entirely contained on the property.


“Josh’s Peak” (unofficially named for our oldest son), a small but distinct mountain with summit at 3855’ is almost entirely contained on the property.


The extremely rugged high ground of Zack’s Ridge and Josh’s Peak provide ideal habitat for Aoudad Sheep (a non-native species of mountain sheep), desert mule deer, mountain lions, and many other animals.


Dark Arroyo, a minor drainage with a small canyon extends for nearly 1/2 mile on the property and another 1/2 mile upstream, with a catchment area of approximately 300 acres. It joins with Dark Canyon Creek on the property. This drainage provides an ideal location for a one-acre pond with a depth of over 12 feet. If built, such a pond, in combination with hydrology restoration efforts on Dark Canyon Creek have the potential to establish seasonal water flow for much of the year to the section of Dark Canyon Creek within Dark Canyon.


Approximately 1/2 mile of electric lines and seven electric poles on the property provide the option for on-grid electrical service on the property.


Multiple potential build sites provide ideal vacation rental, home site, or hunt camp locations. Some with canyon and future pond views. Others with expansive mountain views.


Nearby water wells and estimations by a local well service indicate a very high potential for a high volume, good water quality, well at a shallow depth. This could provide water for eco-friendly vacation rentals, private residences, or water for wildlife.

Potential Land Uses:

Strict preservation. Including the potential establishment of a permanent conservation easement on all or part of the property.

Wildlife management with well regulated hunting. Notably, the most prominent game animal on the property are non-native and invasive Aoudad Sheep. Hunting of these non-native sheep could better restore the natural habitat for the native Mule Deer and promote the potential return of the native Desert Big Horn Sheep. Ethical hunting done in compliance with relevant hunting regulations could be used to promote and preserve native wildlife diversity.

Habitat restoration. The property offers many options for the restoration of permanent surface water retention and seasonal water flow. Other potential habitat restoration objectives could include the promotion of denser native vegetation along the arroyos and creek, the planting of native trees, and the protection of existing native plants and animals.

Construction and operation of low-impact and eco-friendly vacation rentals geared toward eco-tourism on the property itself and the Big Bend region. The sellers operate Big Bend Vacation Rentals, a well-established and locally respected vacation rental management company. They would be honored and delighted to work with the property buyers in consultation and management of any vacation rentals the buyers might choose to build on the property.

Eco-Tourism activities. Sustainable and minimal impact eco-tourism activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, birding, photography, rock-climbing, camping, horseback riding, and low-speed ATV or Jeep tours on establish roads or ATV trails on the property. Such activities could be restricted to owners and guests at any on-property vacation rentals or be opened to the other tourists for reasonable fees.

Private Residence on one of the best properties of this size in the region. This had been our plan when we purchased the land. We’ve had to change that plan in order to pursue other options. If the buyers are hoping to build their own dream home on a remarkable property, this would be an ideal opportunity.

Satelite Image with Roads & Electric

Property Survey, completed 10/27/2014

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